M81-M82 - Ursa Major

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M81-M82 - Ursa Major

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M81 and M82 at 520 mm f.l. with SBIG ST2000
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Post by rcj »

very lovely pair of galaxies! u brought the infrared character of M82 out nicely.
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omg. wicked

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They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.. [smilie=admire.gif]
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WOW!!! Beautiful... [smilie=admire2.gif]

Have a nice day.
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Post by cataclysm »

very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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You definitely can't see this in Singapore T.T

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Cool photo~ Nice pair of galaxies~
Not so noisy~ Good work processing
~Clear Skies~

Clear Skies~! I wish for Clear Skies when i'm free~!!! Clear Skies~!

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Great pic, keep them coming

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