Trifid nebula from 27th March Punggai Trip

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Meng Lee
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Trifid nebula from 27th March Punggai Trip

Post by Meng Lee »

Hi all,

this trip turns out to be quite bad, due to the super heavy dewing. So my pictures got screwed in terms of star sizes due to the partial dewing of the lens. So RGB combination runs into many problems. The dew heater was at full power all the time! So it turns out that I can only show this blue channel of trifid nebula M20. The bloat is due to dew.

Photo Album:

Grab and Go visual: Mak 150 + Voyager
Imaging: (Atik 16HR, StarShoot Pro)
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Post by Tachyon »

Actually, I kinda liked it! It's got an artistic feeling to it. A nice change from seeing those tack-sharp images!
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Post by Siren »

Agree with Tachyon. It's something different from the rest. :)

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Post by rcj »

still got lots of details! cheers!
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Post by aquillae »

yeah it's still a really nice image =)
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Post by Clifford60 »

Nice b/w picture, next time you can add the colours.

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