Losmandy G11 Zero Latitude wedge

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Losmandy G11 Zero Latitude wedge

Post by shirox »

Hi guys,

As you all would already know this,
Losmandy is a time tested GEM mount manufacturer and has received good reviews on almost all around the globe.
Its a moderate priced mount that will not entirely break your bank and yet offer performance that you require both for visual and AP.

GM8 has the potential to reach 0 Lat without any modifications.
However for the G11 is a different story.
Losmandy used to have a Zero lat adapter but recently I got to know they don't make that anymore and you will have to find your own solution.
For the folks in Singastro, its NOT a problem! haha

The original mount head without the wedge looks like this


As you can see, this is at 10 Degrees on the Lat reading which is the lowest it can go.
Definately not good for us.

Credits to a good friend, Remus who came up with this idea 10 years ago when he got his mount, he designed this wedge and I borrowed his idea and made another 1 for my G11.
Some pictures below will show the wedge and after installation with payload.


For anyone who is deciding or already planned to get a G11, If you need the wedge, please feel free to PM me and I will be most glad to offer you some assistance in getting it.

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Re: Losmandy G11 Zero Latitude wedge

Post by TelevueNut »

I am dealing with the G-11 latitude problem as well (I live in ecuador, less than a degree south of the equator). If there is a wedge available to take the lat down to zero (or even just plans to have one machined) then I would definitely be interested.

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