Radio telescope

Wanna make a scope? Or better still, grind a mirror yourself. Or, you have some good tips in making a really useful accessory? This is the place to show what your hands can do...
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Radio telescope

Post by moon0506 »

Hi guys,

Im thinking to make a small radio telescope. just use some dish antenna, only for learning and researching purpose. Is that possible to use it here? Any one know.

Thanks guys.

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Re: Radio telescope

Post by orly_andico »

Do you live in Singapore? or Malaysia?

I'm currently taking the HET608 radio astronomy course on Swinburne Astronomy Online. I wanted to do the DIY radio telescope project. But:

any sort of satellite dish technology is illegal to own in Singapore without a permit from IDA.

You can probably do some "Radio Jove" type of projects, but forget about anything using a dish.

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Re: Radio telescope

Post by biastee »

Beside Radio Jove, other well known radio astronomy projects that don't use a dish include Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance (google the AAVSO's SID page) with a long wire or a loop aerial, Callisto solar monitoring with a log periodic aerial, LOFAR and the low frequency portion of the Square Kilometer Array with dipole arrays. Meteor observation at VHF low band and FM broadcast range uses TV and FM aerials, respectively. In fact, the 3K cosmic background was first detected with a 'sugar scoop' horn aerial. It is possible to observe a solar eclipse using a UHF TV aerial mounted outside my flat's window. ... gust+1998+

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Re: Radio telescope

Post by PETER LOO »

That sounds interesting to me as a Ham Radio operator myself, tapi, it seems nothing can compare with looking through the telescope & see with our very own eyeball however dim the object may be .. :mryellow:

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Re: Radio telescope

Post by space_av »

Take a look here on primalucelab website:

they product radiotelescopes

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