Where to buy large cardboard tubes or carbon fibre sheet

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Where to buy large cardboard tubes or carbon fibre sheet

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Ok so this morning I was mucking around with my reflector (thinking of selling it, etc.) and collimating it.

Well it took a dive from the piano stool and earned a dent on the tube. Nothing that affects functionality but it looks bad.

I pushed out the dent as best I could with some wood blocks and a C clamp but it's still unsightly.

Now I want to replace the tube. [smilie=beaten.gif]

So.. where can I get..

1) a 10" diameter paper or phenolic tube like a Sonotube - I can impregnate it with epoxy to strengthen it

2) or where can I have a carbon fibre tube made (RS Singapore sells sheet but it's expensive - $160 for a 30cm x 30cm sheet)

3) fibreglass sheet. In a previous hobby I made boats, I know fibreglass cloth can be overlaid on a paper tube and impregnated with epoxy to make a very strong structure.

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