Where can I buy cardboard tubes?

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Where can I buy cardboard tubes?

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Singpost biggest diameter is 50mm / 2"

I bought a DK optical set from a guy in Romania that's 135mm in diameter so i need a 150mm diameter tube...

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Re: Where can I buy cardboard tubes?

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Not sure if they have it but you can try the 2 following places :
1. Harbourfront Stationary shop
2. Bras Basah Complex. They have many stores focussed on art and paints.
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Re: Where can I buy cardboard tubes?

Post by kayheem »

Try industrial businesses:

I remember a shop selling cardboard tubes for storing cement poweder somewhere in Paya Ubi.

You may want to consider PVC pipes as they are more solid and easier to cut. I remember seeing one at the ground floor of Paya Ubi too. They do not require you to buy the whole 6m pipe.

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Where can I buy cardboard tubes

Post by NapTrandnep »

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