Welcome our youngest member!!

Here is the place for the admins or moderators to do their annoucements. Or, if you have bought a new scope and want the whole world to know, do it here. Basically this is the place for any astro first-hand news.
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Welcome our youngest member!!

Post by weixing »

Let's welcome our SingAstro youngest member.... First light on 15 May 2007 evening... Edrik Goh!!! :D :D :D


Congratulation to klutz and her husband!!!!
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Post by Airconvent »

haha... no wonder so long never heard from her or seen her.
So she busy recruiting "new member" hor... :lol:
Congrats Klutz, your hubby and our new 2-day old member! :lol:
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Post by rcj »

so cute!! Congrats, Katherine!!
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Post by chrisyeo »


:D :D :D

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Post by alvinsclee »

Haha... usually after a period of long absence, members would suddenly announce their latest pride. And that finally solves the mystery of cloudy skies ;)

Congrats, Kat and hubby! We were missing your presence.
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Post by acc »

Congrats!!! :)
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Post by Canopus Lim »

Congrats to Kat and family! Weixing has to groom him to be the next Singastro commando! haa.

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Post by Clifford60 »

Congratulations to Kat and family :D :D :D

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Post by river »


Enjoy the night time "star gazing" (feeding) .. :)

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Post by Tachyon »

Congratulations! May you enjoy your 4-hourly night feeding! :mrgreen:
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