Upgrade path for planetary/dso

Here is the place to talk about all those equipment(Telescope, Mounts, Eyepieces, etc...) you have. Not sure which scope/eyepiece is best for you? Trash it out here!
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Upgrade path for planetary/dso

Post by taikiat »

so, i own a nexstar 6se which i use for planetary imaging with a asi462mc.

i know to venture into dso ap, one would require a completely different setup. but im looking to phase in the equipment change, meaning to reuse the current equipment as much as possible, and choosing my purchases to benefit both sides as much as possible. here is my roadmap:

1) ditch the alt az se, get a heq5. this is by far the most tempting step since this mount would help in planetary imaging as well. my SE tracking is a bit off, and the ST4 interface with the 462mc is iffy since ST4 seems more compatible with EQ. the only issue is im at 1 deg lat, so will need an extension pier. or if anyone is able to recommend an alternative mount that would be great as well.

2) keep the c6 ota. get a f/6.3 reducer. primarily this is to get started into dsos. the alternative would be to get a ed80. but sheesh the cost... eventually i would get a proper scope for ap, but wanted to know if i could live with the c6 f6.3 setup... for now.

3) play around with the 462mc, but plan for a cooled astrocam, maybe mono and a colour wheel. once again, a downstream upgrade when i save enough. oh yes and the 462mc can do onag through asistudio, so i dont think ill need a separate guide scope.

any advice is welcome!
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Re: Upgrade path for planetary/dso

Post by akdwivedi »

check this out.. selling at a very good price..

https://www.amazon.sg/Celestron-Wedge-N ... 5&sr=8-105

continue using current nexstar 6se in alt az mode for planetary and use this to turn it into equatorial mount for dso imaging.

camera wise, your plan is perfect. continue using the asi462mc, maybe take a cheap dslr for some time. the cooled cameras are a big investment. See what you like and if you want to dive deeper in dso imaging before making that investment.
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Re: Upgrade path for planetary/dso

Post by LookingForScope »

Oooh? I thought a wedge is not very feasible in SG because the centre of balance would be super off?
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