Noob astrophotography

CCD vs Film? Lots of time vs no patience? Alright, this is your place to discuss all the astrophotography what's and what's not. You can discuss about techniques, accessories, cameras, whatever....just make sure you also post some nice photos here too!
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Re: Noob astrophotography

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Shot with Olympus Pen Mini EPM2 that I modified to full spectrum with Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6
14mm, ISO 640, Shutter speed 8s, f3.5, Custom white balance
800 pictures stacked on Siril and touched up with GIMP

The coma is quite apparent
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Re: Noob astrophotography

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MWay core! Wonder what portion of the original frame is this crop. The upper left part looks free of the terrible aberration. Sometimes the apparent aberration could be caused by the software failing to register the stars due to severe distortions of the image. You may verify this simply by checking star shapes in individual exposures.

You may also want to check the alignment of the lens, or simply get a fast prime lens of better optics.
jia siang
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Re: Noob astrophotography

Post by jia siang »

Hi is the m101 taken in sg?
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Re: Noob astrophotography

Post by xorinet »

Hello! Yes, the M101 was taken in SG, but I'm planning on gathering data for a better shot in the near future (when the clouds clear).
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