Deal Alert : Beginner binoculars on Lazada $34-58

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Deal Alert : Beginner binoculars on Lazada $34-58

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I don't get any benefit for posting this , never bought from this reseller , don't have experience with the mentioned 2 model binoculars.
Just thought the discount over usual prices are ok for beginner to try and the anti-reflection coatings for these 2 models look ok.
If you want to look at reviews with photo (mostly asean country buyers) can search the model number and find the listing at official shop at higher price.

The lower price is on a system called "Choice" which I don't fully understand how it works , looks like 1 step below a Lazada webstore.
seller is called Retekess.S*********
Search on the app

These are 10x42 roof @ $34.35 and 10x50 porro @ $58.60
Don't complain or blame me if the order didn't work out well , complain to Lazada.
Worth a try since the fully-multicoated porro is under $60.
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