Beginner Set Up - Chime in!

CCD vs Film? Lots of time vs no patience? Alright, this is your place to discuss all the astrophotography what's and what's not. You can discuss about techniques, accessories, cameras, whatever....just make sure you also post some nice photos here too!
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Beginner Set Up - Chime in!

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Building my first set up as a beginner - chime in with some advice!
I have just moved from the UK and currently based in Brunei. I will be visiting Singapore/ KL fairly frequently so looking for more local insight.

So after a year and abit of lots of travelling, hiking to really dark places and setting up the telescope my partner bought for my birthday, I was absolutely in love with the night sky. I then borrowed a Canon DSLR from my sibling and then dabbed around with widefield astrophotography, and managed a few successful shots of the Milky Way. I practiced stacking and post processing on DSS and Photoshop, and really enjoyed the whole learning process, which then prompted me to dive in and research on building a set up with a star tracker to allow me to do longer exposures.

This is what I'm currently considering that's within my budget.

Mount: Skywatcher Star Adventurer GTi OR ZWO-AM5. I know it's quite a hike in price different but the lack of counterweights with the AM5 really appeal to me. I have also read that it pairs really well with the ASIair.

Telescope to attach to the DSLR: The popular one seems to be the William Optics Redcat 51, however quite price and only available in the UK as far am I am aware. Any suggestions on what'd be a good substitute/ equivalent to that would be great. KL stocks Sharpstar 61, which is what I'm considering, but any other suggestions welcome.

Polar alignment: ZWO ASIair plus. This would also serve to help with focusing, mount control aid, and overall aid in the learning process.

Other accessories: Bahtinov Mask for focusing and dew heater.

What do you all think? Any suggestions are welcome, please keep it friendly as I'm fairly new!

I'll be looking at getting what I can secondhand, I'll also try the buy/sell forum on this page. Any other suggestions where I can get these locally would be great, as I'll be visiting SG this week over Christmas!
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Re: Beginner Set Up - Chime in!

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ZWO-AM3 would be slightly cheaper if your setup is not that heavy.

You would need a guidescope and camera for guiding.

Taking pictures under our light polluted skies would need at least a broadband filter such as Optolong L-Pro otherwise exposures will get washed out even with short exposures.

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Re: Beginner Set Up - Chime in!

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You might be able to purchase the WO Redcat 51 from Robin. Here's the link to his post!

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Re: Beginner Set Up - Chime in!

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perchloratepenguin wrote: Tue Jan 16, 2024 10:33 pm Hi,

You might be able to purchase the WO Redcat 51 from Robin. Here's the link to his post!

thanks for the link, i will use it.
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