A Personal Introduction to Singastro

For people new to astronomy who want to ask those questions that they were afraid to ask. Receive helpful answers here.
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Re: A Personal Introduction to Singastro

Post by Gary »

emong wrote:Hi another beginner here, really really new, was hooked to astro 3 days ago :mryellow: , hope to develop my interest more.
Welcome to the forum! You have come to the right place to develop you interest more. Have fun observing the sky!
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Re: A Personal Introduction to Singastro

Post by LongIslandTea70 »

Dear all,

Newbie here.

Love watching the moon. Was amazed to catch hold of a satellite passing by off bedok jetty 3 weeks ago and is now seriously wanting to get a telesscope.

Visited SCOB yesterday n had a good time.

M glad to join this forum. See you all soon!
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Re: A Personal Introduction to Singastro

Post by spenchew »

i m new to this. going to bishan park sidewalk astronomy tonite to learn more.
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Re: A Personal Introduction to Singastro

Post by Guna »

Hi, I am new here, My son asking me for a telescope recently for his 4 years old birthday. He developed his interest in Astronomy via watching Space documentaries. I finally bought one after 6 month of his repeated request. a cheap Telescope for the start, "Bushnell Deep Space 18-1560 (150 x 53mm)" yesterday. and We were all excited and went to observe the Sky and Moon same night, saw a few stars but the Moon were missing last night. "we were both sotong and went back disapointed."
(moon was located below Horizon yesterday). :(
I wish to develop our interest more. I am gald to join this forum too.
I am from Johor.
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Re: A Personal Introduction to Singastro

Post by SebastianTai »

Dear Admin, how do I delete a post after item is sold out?
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Re: A Personal Introduction to Singastro

Post by Airconvent »

SebastianTai wrote:Dear Admin, how do I delete a post after item is sold out?
Hi Sebastian,
For the mainboard postings, we normally want to keep the transaction record for reference and lock the post after it is sold. But if you have some reason to delete it, do drop a PM to any of the Mods and they can delete it for you.
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Re: A Personal Introduction to Singastro

Post by ivanrostas »

Hi all

I'm new here, and am an Australian living on the Gold Coast in Queensland. I am a year into astrophotography, moving from Nikon D600 to Sony A7 to make my backpack lighter when hiking up hills in the beautiful national parks near me. Two hours drive gets me to some nice dark skies. I have a Vixen Polarie, Samyang 14mm and the new Sony 70-200G OSS F4 lens, and am perfecting field polar alignments in the Southern Hemisphere, which can be tricky.

I will soon take delivery of a Borg77EDII to enhance my kit and let me pursue the DSO's that I hope to make my life's ambition - to keep capturing better images of the wonders of the Southern Sky.

I hope I one day get to Singapore and bring my wife and daughter on an astro-holiday!

Clear skies to you all

Ivan Rostas
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Re: A Personal Introduction to Singastro

Post by xineizer »

Hi everyone!

I just got into astrophotography last week. I recently purchased a Celestron C90 Mak scope with a 32mm eyepiece, and added-in a Celestron 8mm-24mm eyepiece. I was planning to purchase the Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ, but because of the haze in Singapore over the past months, I wanted something small and portable, but powerful that I can bring with me on my trip to Japan in Dec.

With clear skies today, I'm hoping to get a chance to see more celestial bodies in the night sky. I was able to take great pictures of the moon a few days back using my scope with my old Sony NEX5 attached.

I'm waiting on the Celestron Neximage Burst color camera to get delivered to my doorstep in a few weeks. Hoping to get a chance to use it on Jupiter and Saturn soon!

Looking forward to a meet up soon!

Clear Skies!
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Re: A Personal Introduction to Singastro

Post by Alexander »

Hi All,

I am a newbie in Astronomy, I'm from the Philippines, working in Singapore. Like every young kid, I got fascinated by stars, galaxies and planets. Watching discovery channel last month, November, where they featured the Universe, rekindled my fascination..so I bought a telescope. I bought a Celestron Nex Star 5 SE from ASTRO at Science Centre last week, since then, I've been looking up the skies, waiting for the stars.

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Re: A Personal Introduction to Singastro

Post by Astrovaib »

Hello All , I am new to singastro , thanks for adding me, I am facing one problem , I can't post any new post in any topic , can someone plz grant me access to post in .
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