12.5inch Obsession review

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oh come on...the 15 will show you nothing like a 30 does! trust me. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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So.. who is going to get the 30incher? It just requires a big house, a trailer and a big car only. :lol:

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Hi Canopus,

thanks for the great review, I really enjoy reading it.
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Tachyon wrote:Reis - I'm afraid you have been contaminated with large apertures. Henceforth, your expectations for smaller scopes will be unfulfilled, and you are doomed to wander from star party to star party to hunt for the elusive 'better' scope than what you had seen on your first night out.

I have warned beginners NEVER, EVER to go near anything larger than an 8-incher, but some would not listen!

But fear not, although there is no cure, soon, there will be a new 15-incher (check the other thread on the community project) to satisfy your yearnings. Until then, I suggest the solution is to visit Hubble-Site and browse the pictures.

You have been warned! :twisted:
:wink: Tachyon.. Tachyon.. I have a feeling that i'm gona be barred from the various star parties from now... until the 15incher shows up... or perhaps the 30incher??? Is this for real?? 30"? Wow! :shock:
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Who needs a 30" if you can get a 63"?
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omg!! you need a cherry picker to hoist you up to the eyepiece!!! :shock:

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Err... this picture again??

Hmm... Please note that this thread is about the review on 12.5inch Obsession, not on "dream" scope, so please try not to go off topics.

Have a nice day.
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12 5inch Obsession review

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I watched it and i loved it. but i can never seem to find the lyrics for Shining Friends. = but anywayz it was great but it was sad to see 2 see 1 of the brothers die sobs

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