Where to buy Losmandy or Astro-physics GEM mounts

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Where to buy Losmandy or Astro-physics GEM mounts

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Hi, I am planning to get a good GEM mount, however, the choices are pretty much limited here. How and where do you get the Losmandy or Astro-physics Mount here?
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Re: Where to buy Losmandy or Astro-physics GEM mounts

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I'm exploring this also.

I have found that BH Photo in the US has ridiculously low shipping rates. I have been a long time customer of theirs from the days they had photography products only. However, these are just online-retailers.

Alternatively, there are some specialist shops overseas that will do full setup and inspection of equipment before shipping to you. Comes with after market support, etc. However, they have nowhere near the scale of a company like BH Photo and their shipping rates are not that good. I'm exploring freight forwarding services and consolidation services like MyUS (which seem to charge purely by actual and not by volumetric weight which kills when it comes to bulky stuff like mounts).

One other option is to time the purchase while on business trips or vacations!
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