GSO Alt azimuth mount review

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GSO Alt azimuth mount review

Post by tungkian »

okie..the mount arrived today, and as requested previously, i'll do a quick review of it.

the mount weighs 6.5 kg as measured on a weighing scale..could be slightly less or more.

build quality is very good, legs are full aluminium, the altitude and azimuth panning joints looks and feel like the vixen portamount but feels sturdier.

alt az slo-motion controls are pretty good and accurate. but feels tighter than the portamount. the push-to motion feels firm.

dunno if the picture attachment will come out or not, but i've basically mounted a 6inch SCT, 2inch diagonal, binoviewer, 2x baader eyepieces and 1 2kg counterweight on the mount and it still tracks well and the slo-mo controls are still smooth and firm. the vixen portamount which i owned previously is already struggling to support the 6inch sct, diagonal and eyepiece.

the mount arm orientation can be changed from vertically straight up to slanted 45 degrees sideways.

hmm..i guess that's about all..oh..the mounting plate takes standard vixen type dovetails.

highly recommended for those who are looking for an alt az mount for their grab and go.

shipped from australia from andrews communication, 450 inclusive of shipping to SG and GST.
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Post by acc »

Thanks for the review. Sure looks like a winner for a sturdy mount with slo-mo at this price!
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Post by mrngbss »

Just heard that GE sells the mount too.
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Post by tungkian »

many other places sell this mount, budden 450 you get it shipped to your door step..better than carrying it back when you go it's still cheaper than if you carried it back from abroad..that's the amazing part..haha
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Post by Tachyon »

Hmmm... looks like a Vixen mount...
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