Posting Etiquette

Here are some house-rules and guidelines to follow when posting in SingAstro forums. Please read before posting.
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Posting Etiquette

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Hi all!
To make this forum a more enjoyable place for exchange of views on all things astronomy, please keep these posting guidelines in mind when posting. You co-operation is appreciated. Thanks!

- Choose an appropriate forum when starting a new thread.

- Use clear, intuitive subject headings for your post. For example, instead of using 'Help!' or 'SOS', use 'Help required with collimation'.

- Be concise and stick to the subject under discussion.

- Don't perpetuate off-topic threads. If someone makes an inappropriate or "spam" post, don't add more noise by replying. Criticise by private e-mail if you must.

- If you wish to discuss something off-topic with another contributor, do so via Private Messaging.

- If you disagree with someone else’s viewpoint, be as objective as possible when replying.

- Don't duplicate threads. Familiarise yourself with the forums. Before posting messages, check the forums to make sure your question has not already been addressed in a recent thread.

- Do try to use proper English. Some Singlish is okie :wink: ; this is after all a forum for astronomers in Singapore. However, please do not use SMS lingo.

Enjoy the forums!
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