Light pollution in Singapore

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Light pollution in Singapore

Post by Astroboyx91 »

I could only view a few dim stars in the night sky at my place using a 7x Binoculars.
Will getting a high magnification telescope help in observing those stars that arent visibly bright to the naked eyes?
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Re: Light pollution in Singapore

Post by Mariner »

Magnification (or power) has little to no bearing on how much you can see. What matters more is the aperture, which determines the amount of light gathered.
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Re: Light pollution in Singapore

Post by cloud_cover »

Agree with Mariner. A higher magnification will result in a darker background as everything gets dimmer. It can improve the contrast but the effect is limited and you will not see very much dimmer stars.
Aperture is the key. The bigger the aperture, the more stars you will see. You don't need a very big telescope if you're using a 7x35 or 7x50mm bino. Even an 80 or 100mm refractor, or a 5" and above reflector/SCT will show significantly more.
Another method is to displace to a darker site. Your 7x binos are highly portable and will do very much better in dark skies. Try the darker areas of Singapore or if you can, join a dark sky trip (or just take a short hop to anywhere darker, which is most places) and you'll be amazed at the difference!
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Re: Light pollution in Singapore

Post by haejae »

Its best to start of with a good astromocal binoculars that has >50mm aperture.
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Post by Williamexten »

I live in a polluated city and I was wondering how good was the light pollution filter.

From my house, best I can get is maybe Magnitude 3-4 with naked eyes, will it help me get 1 or 2 more magnitude with my scope?

I have a 3 inch refractor.

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