Comet Ison's latest update

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Comet Ison's latest update

Post by bornfree »

Comet Ison

said to be not as bright as expected.. might not be able to see with naked eye.
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Re: Comet Ison's latest update

Post by Davegn »

Oh no! )=

Thanks for sharing.
Dave Ng
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Re: Comet Ison's latest update

Post by antares2063 »

oh well, guess comets are unpredictable...sharing a quote here

“Comets are like cats: they have tails, and they do precisely what they want.”

― David H. Levy
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Re: Comet Ison's latest update

Post by Mariner »

See this is why they should not have hyped it up. But then again, many great comets do not conform to predictions.
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Re: Comet Ison's latest update

Post by Dark Neptune »

Hello all here,

as evident in my Operation: ISON Barycentrism thread, I will be posting updates to ISON's close approach. So you can stay tuned to updates there too.

Peace out! :)
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