[MWTS] Full astrophotography set

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[MWTS] Full astrophotography set

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Might sell the following items if anyone is interested,

1. Celestron Avx mount and tripod [ with original box,manual, controller, etc.] - $900

2. Skywatcher 150PDS 750/150 Imaging newtonian [ with 26mm 2in eyepiece, Finder, dovetail, original box and assesories, etc] - $400

3. Vixen a70lf refractor [with soft carry case, Finder, dovetail etc. ] - $120

4. Canon 2000d/1500d/rebel t7 [with 2 batteries and kit lens]-$400

5. Celestron neximage 5mp planetary camera [with original box and cables] - $55

6. 7mm celestron luminos eyepiece [ with original box, eyecaps etc. ] - $110

7. 50000mah power tank with 2x 12v dc outputs, 1 ac wall plug output, and 4 usb outputs [with original box, chargers, and asserories] - $100

8. Asiair mini [with original box and cables] - $200

Some items may be for sale only in December
WhatsApp at 80684269 for more info or photos
May upload photos later
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